Objects lost to circumstance can be the most honest record of inspiring human effort. I drive the east coast rescuing this remarkable source material from colorful hiding places, so that it may speak again. Often, my finds fall into these categories:

  • American Folk Art & Primitives
  • Carnival, Circus, Sideshows & Early Amusement Parks
  • Funerary, Church & Cemetery Art
  • Transportation (Railroad, Aviation, Motorcycle & Auto)¬†Manufacture & Racing
  • Labor, Industry (Coal & Steel)
  • Public Utility History (Oil, Gas, Telephone & Electric)
  • Grocery Advertising & Other Trade Shop Signs
  • 19thc/ 20thc Medical Advancements & Technologies including Quack Medicine
  • Early Sports Photographs, Programs and Equipment: Baseball, Football & Basketball
  • Unpublished & Rare Images
  • Historic Reference, Books & Documents
  • Exceptions & Additions to all of the above

Contact at curleysden@gmail.com with questions or projects and I will put the appropriate archivist, historian, researcher, appraiser or dealer hat on. Twenty years of compulsive experience! – Natalie M. Curley, Pittsburgh PA.

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