Antique American Folk Art Nude Woman FOE Fraternal Eagle Glass Flask Bottle

Reaching nude is so precisely cut that there are slivers the width of thread defining her thighs and knees, admittedly awkward fingers. American Eagle (even his EYE is visible) with lodge identification on reverse.

Lodge #307 is located in Kane PA (McKean County), a town founded by Civil War hero and close friend to Brigham Young and the Mormon cause before that, Major General Thomas L. Kane. Industry boomed on the strength of its natural resources, including sandstone.

Several bottle factories have called it home, this was likely made as an end of day piece in one of them c1920/30. Molded bottle measures 6” h x 3” wide, FULL 1/2 PINT on shoulder and original black painted tin screw cap.

Clear glass with frosted mask, very good condition with no damage. Inquire at, $295.