Vintage c1920s Japanese Color Litho Magic Trick Manuals Antique Books

Graphic covers just plain stop your heart! Magician performing the Bullet Catch trick with his assistant nude and bound. Gorgeous two color poster style lithography reminds me of the best Art Deco pulp illustrators, translates to something like death defying stunts. Kanji illustrated with woodcuts of card tricks and sleight of hand in one book and odder human performances in the other. Hot coals, swords and guns, disappearing acts.

Brittle paper has toned, chipped, spines are weak and one cover has a tear developing. The graphic only appears on the front cover, backs are entirely empty. Likely WWI era, but may be as late as c1940. Measures 5.75 x 8.25”, approximately 100 pages each. Rare is an understatement. Inquire at $550.